Michael Motley & Nick McMillian

This song verbalizes gratitude for unconditional love.


In mid 2014 Surry Line was formed by lead singer/songwriter Michael Motley and lead guitarist/lead singer Nick McMillian. Whether Nick and Michael are playing shows as a duo or leading the full band, their passion is to uplift and impact whatever audience they are in front of with a diverse song list that is likely to engage listeners of all genres, genders, and ages.

As a full band Surry Line fits mostly into the Americana, Folk, Country, Rockabilly genres with heavy influence from their deep roots in traditional old time music. Multi-Award winning Mandolin player Rodney Hodges and stellar Bass player Bill Imus joined with Michael and Nick in mid 2015. The four of these guys together have traveled far and wide to spread their sounds of solid musicianship with exceptional feedback from their audiences. With one all original album under their belt they are excited to share with their fans new songs and new sounds with their album to be complete by early 2017.

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Surry Line

Surry Line

Surry Line's original music expresses a UNIQUE blend of 50's, 60's, and 70's sounds, infused with a modern edge of today and TIMELESS, UPLIFTING, FEEL GOOD lyrics!

In times when rock, country and pop music have become indistinct and predictable, it’s great to hear a fresh, new sound, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in Surry Line! This innovative group of musicians and songwriters from Pinnacle, NC has something to say, and an energetic, enjoyable and creative way to say it.

Nick McMillian creates the group’s signature sound with lead guitar played on his 1958 Gretch, but he is truly a multi-instrumentalist. Steeped in the North Carolina tradition of Round Peak style old-time Appalachian string band music since childhood, this award-winning picker has now mastered electric sounds, and is equally versatile on vocals and on all the studio instruments, as well as in his role as sound engineer at Rockside Recording Studio.

Michael Motley is not only the group’s percussionist and a lead vocalist, he is an amazingly prolific songwriter. Born in Virginia, he draws on various true-life experiences as inspiration for his music. Feeling that writing is both creative and cathartic, he has penned hundreds of songs since his move to Pinnacle, NC, and has no intent to stop there. He is currently the owner of Rockside Recording Studio in Pinnacle North Carolina.

Sandy Grover Mason provides vocals and bass for Surry Line. Her eclectic musical experience brings a unique sound to the group, as do her original compositions. Her professional performances have ranged from jazz trios and traditional old-time and bluegrass music to original folk music, and her easy style provides a solid anchor for the band’s peppy sound.

Whether you yearn for the historic sounds of Johnny Cash and Elvis, or crave something new and true, this group’s electric sounds will ground you with the feel of the past while brightening your spirit with the toe-tapping sounds of something brand new for today.

Surry Line 2015 - Backstory of Surry Line's originals

Dreams Come True- was penned by Michael on the morning of January 2 2015. While sitting on his sofa looking out at a 200 year old oak tree that sits on his property. It occurred to Michael that the tree has been through many seasons and has shed its leaves many times ready to start new every spring. As he began to write a few lines about the tree he realized how much we all could benefit from letting go of the past and learn to enjoy the moment we are living in at all times. Dreams do come true!

Rockin’ the Porch Swing-Inspired by Michael’s success with writing about true-life autobiographical events, Sandy put the feeling of starting a new band with new friends to a peppy beat and came up with this musical visual snapshot from our first summer playing music together.

Dance the Dance (Superman Strong)-Was a song Michael was inspired to write while on a break at his day job. After talking with a young customer Michael reflected back to his childhood and immediately began to write this song. It seem to come out of nowhere and as he read it back to himself his eyes filled with tears in amazement of the overwhelming emotions that came over him. Dance the Dance is truly a song from the heart.

No Longer Forsaken- was written by Michael during an intense ongoing disagreement between two close friends. It is a peace offering song that is intended to remind us all to keep our eyes on the goal and a reminder that everything is always changing and circumstances are temporary.

Disarray-While the lyrics may feel grim, this song covers classic country subject matter, and Sandy’s only regret in writing it is that she will never be able to hear it sung in George Jones’ soulful twang. Work of Angels- was one of the first songs Michael wrote. This is a reflective song on his past and current relationships. This song is about those moments you realize you are being given something much better than you ever imagined possible.

More Than Millions- was written by Michael after the recording of the Surry Line Album had began. The lyrics to this song put the value of money into perspective. What good is a $1,000,000 or $20,000,000 if you don't have the appreciation for the finer things in life? To make this song complete Sandy, Nick, and Michael take turns singing lead which give it dimension that it needs.

Fire Fuel- is a song Michael wrote on a very cold winter day as he realized the wood stove, heating his old farm house was blazing through the firewood supply. As the flames were coming through the top of the stove pipe after loading it up with good burning wood. Michael couldn't help but think about how having the right people around to encourage us is key to having a successful life. Much like a fire we are all energy feeding off of the energy around us. Keeping the company of those who believe in you is a necessity for a great life.

Missed Me- are lyrics that Michael wrote as he reflected on past relationships of his own and of others. So many times people lose themselves as Michael has in past relationships. A condition known as codependency. After writing these lyrics Michael handed them over to Nick. Nick's original melody for these lyrics brought it to completion. This is a song with a lot of emotion that relates to many.

In Time-Frustrated by the inability to console a friend who was down, Sandy woke up one morning with the chorus to this song in her head, and followed it up with heartfelt verses of reassurance. In retrospect, perhaps this ballad is simply an uplifting answer to Disarray.

Down By the Creek- Is a true story from Michael's teenage years. This is a song about first love and the lasting memories that go along with those experiences. Nick's melody for this song immediately takes the listener down by the creek.

Not To- was written when Michael was realizing all of the different paths he could have chose in his life. While thinking about how one decision can change the rest of your life he wrote this song dedicated to his Grandmother, Brother, Mother, Father and all of those who have encouraged him and gave him a reason not to give up or give in.

Your Song- is a song that relates to many that come from a broken home. Michael wrote this as an anthem for all those who have ever felt unappreciated, unsupported, and invisible. It's meant to encourage those feeling this way to hang in there. Your moment to shine is coming! This song would not be what it is without Nick's original melody along with Sandy's vocals and the three part harmony.

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