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Surry Line

Ever wonder what would happen if someone handed a prestigious 8th generation award winning old time fiddle player from Surry County North Carolina a 1958 Gretsch anniversary electric guitar? … What if he was accompanied by a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with a song list a mile long? … Say these two were joined by a distinguished, champion mandolin player that has a wide variety of musical influence?... While we are asking, how about if a solid, distinctive, bluesy electric bass player teamed up with the previous three and rooted their sound with his tasteful riffs and impeccable timing? … 


Well... you would get a band that sounds like no other band that you have ever heard before!! That band is Surry Line.


It is very hard to label the genre of Surry Line's music and that is good news to them because they don't like labels anyway. It is not their intention to sound like anyone else. Since a label is necessary in some cases the band would fit mostly into the Americana, Country, Rockabilly style. Surry Line has a long list of cover tunes that span all the way from Elvis to Guns and Roses, Johnny Cash to Creedence Clear Water Revival, Webb Pierce to Janis Joplin, and Charlie Daniels to Darious Rucker to name a few. One thing that sets Surry Line apart from other bands that cover these artist is their unique sound and their ability to make these cover songs, that have been done thousands of times, into something that sounds fresh and new. 


While the songs that they cover keep the audience entertained, it's the original songs of Surry Line that keep the audience interested and coming back for more. These songs have proven to hold the attention of strangers and passers by from the first time Surry Line perfomed in 2014. It is undeniable that this band is going places. In a short period of time the number of loyal followers has multiplied astoundingly. Maybe it's the lyrics of the original tunes or the solid musicianship that this band consist of, or maybe both.... Either way, Surry Line is headed in the right direction and they are uplifting others along the way.







Michael Motley - Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Songwriting

Michael Motley serves as lead vocalist, and also plays guitar and percussion. He is the group’s songwriter and has over 300 songs in his personal catalog of songs. This musician is multi-faceted with the ability to play electric bass, stand-up bass, and drums. But he began his musical journey 18 years ago with the banjo, ultimately winning awards and distinctions at regional old-time and bluegrass fiddlers conventions. Michael comes from a musical family that shares this love of music.  

Nick McMillian - Lead Electric Guitar, Vocals and Songwriting

Lead guitarist Nick McMillian keeps the melodies going, also offering his own vocals to the group. In addition to his talents on the guitar (an enviable 1958 Gretsch Anniversary), Nick is a highly accomplished musician. An 8thgeneration fiddle player, Nick holds the distinction of winning both the Mount Airy and Galax Fiddlers Conventions in 2010. He played professionally with his father, touring around the country at various festivals and events.

Bill Imus - Bassist

Formerly a drummer, Bill Imus made the switch to another form of percussion – the electric bass. He loves all types of music, especially New Orleans jazz and blues. Bill has recently fallen in love with country music and is excited about his role with Surry Line. Some may recognize Bill as the former owner of the Cumberland Café, and along with his wife, Margie, Bill spends his days providing organic produce to many local restaurants from his farm, The Minglewood Farm and Nature Preserve.

Rodney Hodges - Mandolin

Rodney Hodges has been recognized for his talents, specifically the mandolin. When he stopped by to visit his old friend, Nick, and was invited to join in on an impromptu jam session, the rest became history. By day, Rodney is a truck driver, but it’s music that really moves him. He has been playing for over 30 years, and the mandolin adds a distinctive sound to Surry Line’s repertoire of songs.


Surry Line Tracks